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I’ve noticed that many of the topics I’ve replied to (with helpful information, examples, code snippets, links, etc.) end up being abandoned with no further response from the original poster.

This is more of a general phenomenon on discussion boards, and not with css-tricks specifically. A large portion of users don’t participate until they need a problem solved, and once it is, have no motivation to return. An even larger number of users don’t realize that “discussion board manners” are even a thing. As annoying as these issues can be to regulars, neither (necessarily) reflects the user’s intent or attitude.

“dumb” questions (there’s no such thing!)

oh, sure there are. : ) It’s not the content of the question, mind you, but how well (how badly?) it is asked.

No one should feel bad about not knowing something, or not understanding it. People most definitely should feel bad about throwing out an incomprehensible mess (and I’m not talking about language barriers, here), or not bothering to type a few words into google as a first step, or equating “please help” with “you have to do it for me.”

That last one I see way too often, and I have a really hard time excusing it.

(On the flip side, of course, answering a question for someone who is genuinely interested in learning and puts forth the effort required is a true pleasure; even if you do end up writing the whole thing for them.)

So, do you have any ideas on how we can make this forum more effective?

Honestly, I think css-tricks is in good health already, and on an upward trend.

Is it time to gamify the css-tricks forum?


no offense ; )