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Having all four min / maxes can be dangerous. When you have an image that’s smaller than the mins or larger than the maxes, it will just stretch into a square and cause distortions.

Now, I’m going on what I hope is an understanding of what you want. You want all the images to be their appropriate aspect ratios while still stacking up perfectly. If I’m wrong on that, just ignore the rest of this post and let me know!

If you’re trying to set them all up in a grid so they’re nice and snug, different sizes and without whitespace – I’m afraid I have to tell you that’s not as easy as it should be.

You’re always going to have whitespace artifacts when floating things that are different sizes – especially when you want them all the be touching, but there are some plugins you could try.

Does this look like what you want?

If so, give isotope a try, it might be just the ticket.