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$social, as you explained, is an array. It will never match a string (which is what "facebook", "twitter", etc. are).

I don’t know your specific requirements, but it seems you only need to know which of your calls to ot_get_option returned true. Is this correct? If so,


function findSocial(){
    // list of social site names
    $social = array( "facebook","twitter","vimeo" /* etc. */ );

    // loop through each
    foreach( $social as $site ){

        // if ot_get_option matches, return that site name
        if( ot_get_option( $site ) ){
            return "this is $site";
    // no matches
    return false;


echo findSocial();
/* prints something like:

    this is css-tricks


You could also pass $social as a function parameter, which would make it much easier to add or remove names from the list.