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Before purchasing CodeKit you should be aware of the following limitation:

I have the problem that the auto-refresh feature for less/css does not work using WordPress + CodeKit.
I mailed the developer of CodeKit (Bryan Jones <[email protected]>).
He told me that this is due to <link> elements at the end of the <body> which is against the specs.
I wrote a small WordPress plugin that deletes those elements et voilĂ  it worked.

So I asked Bryan if he could fix the problem by allowing <link> elements also to be in the <body>.
He refused since this is against the specs – ignoring that this is common practise. In WordPress this behaviour can be even triggered using wp_enqueue_script + $in_footer = true.

It’s frustrating. You can only change all plugins that don’t meet the, catch all the output and rewrite (performance penalty!) or use an alternative to CodeKit.