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A few questions…

You said the call to action shouldn’t be a link? My main goal is for the the viewers to call or contact Pierre Builders. If they call they would see the number and dial, and maybe use skype to call so I thought it would be convenient to put as link. Should it just not be a link at all, or maybe be linked to the contact page instead?

Also, I resized the pics for gallery but this random pop up caption saying “slider purchase reminder” shows sometimes. Do you see that? and if so how do you suggest I take it out. I did ctrl+f to see if I could find those words in the css or html and can’t find them anywhere. I did download a free version of the slider, so I know I’m not illegally using it. Maybe i’ll just use a different slider all together, but thought i’d at least see if I could remove the pop up some how first.

Thanks so much for your help.