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i want to make an app which may include Backbone and Codeigniter with it

sure, why not?

firstly i was thinking of making Stock Exchange app

Well, what would a “Stock Exchange app” do? Make a list of specific “little things” you would want to be able to do with your app, and then you can look at how to accomplish each and tie them together into a usable interface.

a Mega store where everyone come and make its own storeā€¦

Before tackling something like a “mega” store, you’d need to figure out an individual store.

This will apply to most ideas you might have. An app doesn’t need to be huge in order to be good. You might have an app that does only one specific thing, but does it very well.

Especially with the first project(s) you work on, you might need to narrow your focus in order to come out with something good. This might lead to more comprehensive projects, or it might not; but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

so what we can add as some extra feature to it, so it may different from the running ones

What you’re getting at, here, is a way to make your project “stand out.” There’s going to be two basic ways you might do this:

  • Make a service that does something no one else ever has.
  • Make a service that does something better than anyone else has.

So, for example, if you want to make a CMS, it might have new and unique features, or it might have no unique features at all but be significantly nicer to install/use.