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Greetings Joe_Temp.

@traq is better at PHP than I am so I’ll let him take a look. BTW, if you want someone to be notified that they’ve been mentioned, you have to use the @ symbol before their name.

Which is better, using the @ or just clicking reply. Isn’t a notice sent to their email then?

My wife met a British guy one time who wrote the date like this:

20/03/2014 instead of 03/20/2014.

I still have trouble with that one unless the first number is higher like the example you give, then it’s simple. I still cannot tell someone my phone number unless I look at it. It’s 14 digits long including the International and country code. After 8 years you would think I would remember it, but nupe!

I think the best way to do dates would be like this:


I call it ‘Deductive Dating.’

That does make sense!

Anyway, don’t worry about people. Some people are way too myopic.

Difficult to do sometimes as my wife and I raise money for those less fortunate and/or in need of medical care. Unfortunately, we meet a lot of self absorbed people who think their lives are more important than they really are. People with more money than brains is what I call them. They wouldn’t give a dime unless it was tax deductible. Corporatist filth!

… you get to live in Ireland. That’s gotta be better than living some places in the US.

Actually, I live in Romania. When I was first here years ago I was amazed at the pristine beauty and medieval cities. I came back 4 years later and bought land here. My business interests were, and are, in Ireland so it also made sense to be closer to where I travel to a lot. I am in N. Ireland frequently, but do not live there. I’ve given it thought, but I can live here for much less money.

Best Regards.