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I assume the pastebin I submitted here was wrong and of no help.

That’s not necessarily true. But… @traq is better at PHP than I am so I’ll let him take a look. BTW, if you want someone to be notified that they’ve been mentioned, you have to use the @ symbol before their name.

I tell them that that is the way it is spelled in England where English originated

Ha ha ha. My wife met a British guy one time who wrote the date like this:

20/03/2014 instead of 03/20/2014.

She questioned him on it and he explained that his way makes much more sense. I would have to agree that it’s more logical.

I think the best way to do dates would be like this:


I call it ‘Deductive Dating.’

Anyway, don’t worry about people. Some people are way too myopic. Just do your thing and keep learning. Plus… you get to live in Ireland. That’s gotta be better than living some places in the US.