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I’m going to throw this out to help people:

The next time you quote someone a price for a job… it doesn’t matter if it’s hourly or a flat rate, do two things. #1 Go 25% higher than you normally do. A. You’re worth it. B. People aren’t NEARLY as concerned with price as you think. They’re concerned with awesomeness. Do great work and they don’t really care. #2 Quote the price and SHUT UP! Literally say the number and don’t say anything else. Let them wallow in the silence. In this situation the first person to talk loses. Don’t try to justify the price, don’t waver, don’t say a thing. Just be silent. You will close a lot more jobs with this simple technique.

There’s a lot more that goes into setting up a proper sale but this technique alone is going to add more money to your bank account.