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Oh, ok. I knew it was somewhere ‘across the pond.’ The reason I know that is you said “I will PHONE.” Americans with no time spent in Europe say “I will CALL.”

Please don’t be offended. I’m OBSESSED with little linguistic/cultural nuances like that. I do it all the time to people that I meet. I immediately know generally what state they’re from here in the US.

Here are some examples:

If you say “Hella,” you’re DEFINITELY from the West Coast, probably California. This is really common is Sacramento and Nor Cal. Seattle is also a possibility.

If you say “Not for nothin’,” you’re from the tri-state area, most likely New York or New Jersey. You may now live in Florida but you’re from the North East.

If you refer to every soda as “Coke,” you’re from Texas.

If you absolutely love Dr. Pepper, there’s a good chance you’re from Texas.

If you say “wicked awesome,” you’re obviously from New England.

If you reference green chile, you’re probably from Colorado or New Mexico.

If you wear Costa Sunglasses, you’re from Florida or Georgia.

If you wear Danner Boots, you either have deep pockets or you’re from Portland.

If you love Spam and Eggs, you’re probably from Hawaii or are a descendant of Pacific Islanders.


I could go on and on and on but being in sales for so long has taught me to be really observant so I can relate to people and/or mirror what they do.

A simple example is… I always ask someone how they are doing. This serves two purposes. It allows me to control the conversation by asking first and it allows me an opportunity to relate to them.

Even though saying “I am well” is grammatically correct, I will ALWAYS say what they say. If they say “I’m good,” I’ll say that I’m good. I especially do this in a sales situation. The reason for this is simple: It makes me more relate-able because I’m just like them… or so they think. People think these things don’t matter and that’s why they never close. If someone says “I’m good” and you say that you are “well,” this can be received as somewhat condescending. They will subconsciously see you as thinking you’re more educated than they are and will always be standoffish.

All of us freelancers are in sales whether we know it or not. The sooner you realize that, the sooner you can better market yourself. Everyone has a different sales approach but it’s worthwhile to give these things some thought.