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Greetings traq,

Thanks for replying.

No, I don’t understand PHP in depth. I’ve only used it sparingly in the past and have now had to learn (or attempt to learn) CSS and PHP in depth because the old way of coding just doesn’t do what I need. I do realize now though, upon reflection, that PHP is not viewable server side with page source view.

My biggest problem is learning something new. When I look at a lot of this code I git a skeered and beads o’ sweat begin to form on my bald noggin’. Then I runs on over to this here forum askin’ fer help befur I even gives ‘er a try. I’ve fiddled with it a bit more (the code I mean. I’m too old to fiddle with “it” anymore) and have produced this. (and the crowd goes wild!) The JS is called from the server, but the style sheet is still in the head tag.

I don’t understand what “PHP installed on my computer” means. My server now apparently supports PHP after a battle with my host company. I’ll still switch to another host after the new site is ready, but I digress.

The PHP code I was referring to is in this screen grab. It is at the very top of the contact form but obviously isn’t seen once it is on the server.

It appears, based on older CF’s I’ve done in the past, that this one only requires my email address to be entered into the PHP script in the head tag. I’m apprehensive about testing it however for security reasons until I know it’s safe. I’m still in the dark as to what a “random string” is/does for this and how it provides additional security. It’s mentioned in the grab above.

I would put this in codepen, but have found I can’t get things I put into codepen (with one exception) to work.

The anti-spam mechanism on the updated form above changes the question on refresh which indicates at least some of the code is working. I’m sure it all is, I’m just not understanding it enough to know.

Would posting the PHP and/or modified contact form with codepen be of help to you? I doubt it will be a working form, but the PHP should be viewable.

Best Regards.