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Here are a couple of screen grabs ( screen grab 1, screen grab 2) of what I am seeing on my editor and preview.

Do you have PHP installed on your computer?

I notice in the very beginning of the code on the unedited page that begins with “<?PHP” that there are areas to enter the email address and thank you page. Entering an email address directly like this seems to be an invite for spammers.

I don’t think you understand what PHP is. PHP is run on your webserver. It is not a webpage: it makes a webpage. The PHP source code never appears on the website, only the output. In short, yes; the email address in your PHP source code is not accessible to spammers.

I also notice it says “For better security. Get a random string from this link:” What is a random string and what does it do?

I could not say without seeing the code. It would appear to be a way for the script to authenticate the form submission, though it would be more effective if the “random string” was always different (using the same one each time kinda defeats the purpose).

Since you say you’ve modified the script since you downloaded it, you should post the actual code you are using if you need further help with it. You can use an online service (make a gist, for example), as it is difficult to post/read large amounts of code here on the forum.