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Ghost seems legit, but I’m not a fan of posting to ‘platforms’. So my advice is little skewed.

Me neither. That’s one of the only things I didn’t like is that you have to have an account and all that nonsense. I would prefer to have full control over everything.

The only thing I care about is lightweightedness… if that’s a word. Anything beyond that is negotiable. Being that this is a personal project, I’d prefer to not work with PHP simply because I don’t derive any joy from it.

I suppose the #1 thing that would make me the developer I want to be is a more comprehensive understanding of Django. Therefore, I should probably use that.

We talked on another thread about using Django (the framework, NOT Django CMS) to sort of hack together a homebrew CMS of sorts. Obviously, it doesn’t have the bells and whistles of a CMS but it allows you to create sort of a scaffold for managing content. I should probably start there.

Learning more Python is #1 on my list.