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I personally prefer to own my content, so I’m in the middle of process developing personal “blog” using Laravel / AngularJS… PHP framework might be overkill but I’m learning APIs and etc., so there’s that. Ghost seems legit, but I’m not a fan of posting to ‘platforms’. So my advice is little skewed.

If you’re into Node check out, you might also try some static site generators.

Or if you’re still undecided, think of it this way:

What do you need to know right now that would make you developer you want to be? Put that at the top priority and start doing… don’t get hang up on the tech, just do. So for example, if at your current job, or in your personal development, you need to learn Kirby… choose that, and go with it. Don’t contemplate too much. The important thing is what you have to say while sharing it with the world. Underlying tech is just that some tech mambo-jumbo…