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This is ABSOLUTELY a budget build and I need to keep everything under $1,000.

This even includes dual monitors. Lucky for me… I’m finding this kind of budget is quite workable. Maybe not for a suuuuper high end gaming rig, but for my purposes it will be WAY overbuilt.

Also, I truly believe I’m at a great advantage. With my most recent Linux configurations, my laptop is running REALLY fast with no SSD, only 2.7 GHz and only 4GB of RAM. When I would boot up in Windows, it would slow waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down. Like unbearably so.

I think light software is really the key to speed but awesome hardware is only going to aid in that.

Also, now that I’m a developer professionally, I want a rig that will last me for years with minimal upgrades. I think I’ll be able to get that.