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Have you ever used an IPS monitor?

No. And now I double don’t want to. I don’t want to get addicted to expensive technologies. I’ve looked at the prices and I really don’t think I can swing it. At least… not in the size I want.

Have you had to solve any hardware issues yet?

No. Because all my stuff is Intel now. Not for long though! Should be exciting. Looks like I’m going to hit up the IRC channel and get about 1.2 million “RTFM!” responses.

At least get a mobo with enough slots to expand in the future.

I will for sure get enough slots to accommodate 16GB.

Closed-loop water seems very attractive to me of late.

Me too. My mind has changed. The Corsair H50 looks awesome for the money! And, I hear the AMD FX 6300 is relatively easy to overclock to 5GHz. Therefore, one of these seems in order.

All my encounters with Vim have ended badly.

Go forth and conquer.

I absolutely love the price:performance of the Corsair Force GS series

That looks like a pretty steep price @shaneisme. I reeeeaaaally like the price of the Samsung SSDs.

This is ABSOLUTELY a budget build and I need to keep everything under $1,000. Well, maybe not including a keyboard :)