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In a monitor, I want good pixel density and 24 inches. That’s all I really care about.

Have you ever used an IPS monitor? I have LG monitors. They’re pretty darn nice, and not too pricey. I’m not married to the brand, but I’m never buying a TFT monitor again.

will install Arch + BSPWM on it… it’s easy. Who knows with new components though!

Have you had to solve any hardware issues yet? missing devices? drivers? It’s time-consuming, but usually not too bad (assuming you have a second machine that is connected to the internet).

And, seeing as how you’re buying the components, you won’t have to go the the process of figuring out exactly what they are.

I’ll probably go 8GB on RAM though. …I’ve read that anything above 4GB and swap isn’t necessary.

OTOH, you can find yourself needing it. Someday, you’ll find yourself working on a gigantic PDF or editing super-high-res vacation photos or something. I’d suggest 16GB. At least get a mobo with enough slots to expand in the future.

I’ll probably roll with fans. Liquid cooled seems like overkill. I won’t be playing Crysis 4. But… quieter is better.

Closed-loop water seems very attractive to me of late. You can get decent ones for around $75. At 3.5 GHz, it couldn’t hurt. If you overclock, or live in a hotter climate, I’d definitely recommend it.

you should definitely learn Vim.

All my encounters with Vim have ended badly. I don’t know what the issue is. Someday.