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I’m not the guy to ask about graphics cards -I honestly have a hard time telling them apart sometimes

Nvidia has good support on Linux… Even if Linus hates them. All I care about are 2 QUALITY outputs! No VGA please!

What about a motherboard? RAM?

Still shopping on that. I’ll probably go 8GB on RAM though. I won’t need a swap partition then. I’ve read that anything above 4GB and swap isn’t necessary.

but I think you could do just fine with a 128.

You know… you’re absolutely right and the price on those things is so reasonable. I only have a 500GB HDD now and I don’t even use 1/6 of it. Especially after I broke my Windows partition! The vast majority of what I do use is photos and videos of my kids. That can go on an external or better yet… a custom built server!!!

Are you going to overclock it?


have you considered cooling?

I’ll probably roll with fans. Liquid cooled seems like overkill. I won’t be playing Crysis 4. But… quieter is better.

I’m probably going to throw LED case lights in it. Even though that is totally RICE and fake 1337… the nerd in me can’t resist.