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What’s up @Alen? Where you been dude?

I actually do agree with @Alen that the switch MAY not be right for you. That said, if you’re as concerned with performance as it sounds like you are… maybe it would be right for you. Who knows? Only you can really know that.

People love Macs because they’re essentially a Unix-like system that ‘just works.’ Now, learning the terminal is not that hard. But… it’s definitely going to be harder than what you’re doing now, at least at first.

If I’m being honest, I spend a bunch of time tinkering with my system. It’s just a fact. Now, that’s all good because I enjoy it. I happen to know that SEVERAL people on these forums are also tinkerers and enjoy it as well.

It’s up to you man. Life is a series of tradeoffs and this is one of those times. Definitely get an SSD though. In your situation, I feel that would make the most immediate impact.