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I would:

  • Add SSD
  • Clean Install
  • Max Out RAM (helps with the next step)
  • Install Vagrant and Oracle VM Box

Done! :)

Sublime, CodeKit, MAMP, Sequel Pro, Transmit, Tower, Skype, Mail, Parallels, Chrome, and those run pretty much all the time.

While @Joe_Temp is suggesting to dump all this for Terminal, I would however slightly disagree with his suggestions.

Morgan, how comfortable are you with the terminal, are you even interested in ‘configuring’ or are you the type that just likes to design/build stuff? The tools you mentioned are great to get you going, switching might present additional things you’ll have to learn (and you might not even like it). So anyways… one thing that I did to my work Mac is I cleaned all the caches located in the ~/Library/Caches and /Library/Caches folder (notice NO ~).

That might help if you installed/uninstalled lots of apps.