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Greetings Traq,

Yes, Psychoanalysis is just chocked full of theories (opinions)

There is a huge and critical difference between a “theory” and an “opinion.”

Indeed there is! I was being sarcastic towards Psychoanalysis. It is little more than opinion and what facts there are, for example the structures of the brain which explains more about a person’s actions than some nonsense about a latent desire for dear old Mum, came from the real medical field.

Your allegory to a device driver, source code, hardware and I/O are a perfect way to put it. The drawback to humans is that we lie, so the IO isn’t reliable, and if the device driver is flawed, what output there is may be the result of Psychosis. Then we have to consider what reality is, which Physics is grappling with. The question has been asked if all we perceive, (or you perceive, depending on which one of us is actually real, if either) is a simulation, holographic projection, or something other than what we view as reality. If what we experience is not real at all, then what if the psychotic mind has the ability to see bits of the “coding” that creates what we experience, or they can see glimpses of “the man behind the curtain” if you will? What if I could not only see the images and characters on my monitor, but had a defect that also allowed me to see the magnetic domains on the hard drive that creates what was on the monitor? I likely would not be able to understand what I was seeing, but they would be no less real. In fact, it could be argued that they are more real than what is seen on the monitor. This ability to see the magnetic domains would certainly cause me a great deal of difficulty and as my condition would be unbelievable and abnormal, I would be branded as such.

Real science agrees that E=M/C²

Not really. In fact, “Real science” agrees the opposite: E=M/C² is an oversimplifciation of the theory which only holds true……

You contradict yourself. E=MC2 is correct in that matter can be converted into energy and vice versa. The only possible variable would be the speed of light, and other than the bogus claim some years back that neutrinos travel faster. Everything has mass even massless particles because their mass is relativistic i.e., their relativistic energy /c2. Relativistic mass dilation also sets limits as to the speed of light. Indeed, the formula E=MC2 has been misapplied, but that does not detract from it.

Real science could not say in one case that drunk driving is the result of a deficient mind and in another, where wealth is involved, state that it is the result of being affluent.

This is like claiming it is impossible for a house to be painted white if owned by a poor man, but painted blue if owned by a rich man.

No, it’s like saying 2+2=4 unless you are wealthy enough then 2+2 can equal anything you want it to be. Of course this can’t be done because math is a constant, but psychoanalysis is not and therefore is a pseudoscience based not on proofs, but mere opinions.

You’re assuming that competence and salary go hand-in-hand.

Not at all, but more often than not salary and corruption do.

I agree that there are good lawyers and good Psychoanalysts. I’ve friends in both professions, but that doesn’t make their fields any nobler in my opinion, and certainly not in our time. If justice were truly fair, then every town and village would have its own courts and police made up of its citizens and it would be based on common law/common sense. No need for career lawyers or prosecutors and the judge would be a community vote for or against the accused or a one person judge who serves in much the same fashion as a person serves on a jury. The legal system in place today is a ruse and if psychoanalysis ever had a whit of believability, it lost it when it hitched its wagon to the legal and political field.

Best Regards.