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Thanks for the responses!

Looks like I have some work to do.

As of now, web design is a hobby and I occasionally do a site for people I know. I would like to eventually turn it into a career but I still have a lot to learn. I’m considering signing up for the Lodge here for some lessons.

As far as the CSS I used for my site? I actually had a job interview and was asked by the interviewer to use their company’s base code to lay out my portfolio site. So their code is the framework for what I have. I started messing around with it this past week to make it responsive (again, still learning). But since web design is their business I didn’t question what doctype or use of div versus class selector made sense.

@Atelierbram, I just use Sublime Text for writing and editing code and I have not used the W3C Validator. Thanks for your help.

@wolfcry911 and @jurotek thank you very much for your inputs too.

I’ll make my updates when I have some more free time.

Again, I appreciate the feedback and am always looking to learn more. Is the Lodge worth investing time in?