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Psychiatry and Psychology have as much value as Astrology does. Two “esteemed” PhD’s in Psychology are often in a court room, one for the Prosecution and one for the Defense, and both give conflicting opinions as to the mental state of the accused. If psychoanalysis were a real science they would agree. Two math professors will each agree that the unit circle is x2 + y2 = 1, but Psychologists and Psychiatrists rarely agree because what they do is relegated to personal bias, opinion, and who feels like they are being paid the most to skew the facts, as opposed to science.

Sigmund Freud, the founding father of psychoanalysis died by assisted suicide, or direct suicide depending on the source. Suicide is defined as the result of a mental illness in Psychology, so the father of Psychology was a crackpot (in more ways than one) by his fields own definition.

The study cited above is simply an alternative explanation, not a definitive one. Therefore, it doesn’t toss out other explanations. Psychiatrists and Psychologists have the unusual ability, for a science, to come up with different diagnoses (explanations) depending on what a court, or other prosecutorial body, is needing to condemn. Of course, if the accused is wealthy and can buy both Psychiatric Isles, then he/she will certainly come out as being a victim. We saw this most recently with the “affluenza” case of Ethan Couch — who drove drunk and caused a crash, killing four people and injuring two. He was the victim because he was brought up in a wealthy household and was never given boundaries by his parents. (I do hope I can continue typing now as the tears for dear Ethan are welling up in my eyes.) If Ethan wasn’t responsible because of his parents, put them in jail! It sure as hades wasn’t the victims faults, yet they were the only ones who paid a price, the ultimate price, and for dear Ethan. That courtroom would be a good study for the definition of bonafide nuts!

The one thing I can agree with psychologists on with regards to the criminal mind is that it is the result of genetic, environmental, or biochemical processes. That being the case, it seems rather draconian to condemn people in such a cut and dry fashion as the courts do if those committing serious crimes cannot help it. The dilemma is what can be done with them other than imprisonment?

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