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Thanks for your post, Senff
(sorry for dragging you away from the party, haha)

I’m confused by your post.
I am using a version later than v32 (ie. 33.0.1750.117 m).
But if the file has no effect anymore:
1. what is the purpose of the code in the link you gave me?
2. what is the difference between that and the code I put in my first post?
3. if that’s usable, where do I enter it, to get it working in Chrome v33?

Also, FireFox (always updated to latest version) has been my main browser for years.
But one regular site has just introduced wall-to-wall & floor-to-ceiling ads and plugins to stop them won’t work (it detects the blockers and won’t continue unless they are turned off). And FF seems to slow down my browsing generally now (and even my PC when I’m not browsing but it’s open).
I tried Chrome and it browses that site without showing any ads at all. It’s fast and a beautiful browsing experience.
It’s hassle-free (for me).
Like a dream.
And my PC seems to perform better too. Doesn’t get choked.

I want to start using Chrome… but I need it to be functional and it isn’t that now, with the anorexic scroll bar. That is my ONLY problem. I need ONLY that fix.

Thank you again