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I knew this was going to happen!

My form captures data and uploads an image into a folder and then the path is stored into a database table. In both cases a session is used to link this data to the user.

User creates form – username session stored in db table User uploads image – username session stored in db table

HOWEVER a user can upload any number of images so these records are not unique. A user could upload 10 images and only one form but each form MUST be linked to a single image! How do I ensure each form and image are linked to each other because unless I’m missing something there is no way to upload an image and then create a form at the same time? These are two independent actions? When you upload an image it’s stored in a temp folder and only once you click submit is the data then written into the table then clicking another submit button writes the form data into a table.

To make each record unique I could use an auto incrementing id field then store that in a session and write it to the two database tables but again I don’t understand how to ensure the form and image are linked?

I’ll post a gist once I understand the theory. This should help :

Sorry don’t know how to embed images :