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Alen, you’re right, money is not the primary factor. I agree with most of your points however, it is important and it is how we survive in this world.

Money will come eventually.

But! It sounds like you’re advocating that people work for free to get their foot in the door. This is an opinion where we would have to agree to disagree unless of course we’re talking about charity.

web presence sounds like a failure if all they want is contact information and a description

I’ll have to disagree with this. Communication is the key here. If I’m selling water to beach-goers and I have a cart that I drive around the beach… do I need HUGE web presence to be successful… or do I need platform that lets people know what I do in my local area.

I wasn’t recommending a “HUGE web presence” but if someone is selling water of all things at the beach, I doubt they would need a web presence at all. I might be able to give you a more thorough opinion if the hypothetical was different.