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@RomelloM congrats on your first client. This might be contrary to what others will advise you on this forum. And that is not to worry about the money aspect too much. Just to be clear, I’m not saying you shouldn’t get paid, I’m saying there’s more to this then just what you should charge. The real challenge it taking something abstract that the client gives you and turning it into something that makes sense. Creating order from chaos.

Let the experience be the driving force and use that as a tool to build your reputation. Money will come eventually. In my opinion learning how to talk with clients, how to ask right questions, how to manage expectation… there’s so much more to this.

Anyways… have fun and put in the work and make something, even if it takes you more time than expected. Overall experience will give you enough insight to be better equipped to make decisions in the future.

Many people think short term satisfaction (money) instead I invite you to think about the future (career).

Hope that helps.

web presence sounds like a failure if all they want is contact information and a description

I’ll have to disagree with this. Communication is the key here. If I’m selling water to beach-goers and I have a cart that I drive around the beach… do I need HUGE web presence to be successful… or do I need platform that lets people know what I do in my local area.