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I’ve followed a tutorial and every field validates independently. The problem now is I cannot get the insert statements to execute. This is the last field and the returns the data :

  if (empty($_POST["email"]))
     {$emailErr = "Enter your email address";}
     {$email = validate_input($_POST["email"]);}
function validate_input($data)
     $data = trim($data);
     $data = stripslashes($data);
     $data = htmlspecialchars($data);
     return $data;

How do I then combine the above with this? Do I need the redirects?

$Link = mysql_connect($Host, $User, $Password);
$Query = "INSERT INTO $Table_2 VALUES ('0','".mysql_escape_string('forename')."','".mysql_escape_string("surname")."', '".mysql_escape_string("username")."', '".mysql_escape_string("password")."', '".mysql_escape_string("email")."')";
if(mysql_db_query ($DBName, $Query, $Link)){
$message = "You have successfully registered";
header("Location: register2.php?message=$message");
$message = "You've Broke It!";
header("Location: register2.php?message=$message");

This gives a redirect loop error.

Here’s the gist.