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This new question also has to do with aligning in CSS3 with HTML5 coding…

I´ve now added a Facebook share button on my site, obviously it shows on the “preinstalled” position, that is on the left top corner.

But I don’t want it there… I want it to be centered and a bit up from the AppStore badge (that is 70px from the bottom and centered).

I copied the code that I used to center and place my AppStore badge and made the appropriate changes to it but the Facebook share button disappeared!

So I did some troubleshooting and changed the position of the sharing button to “relative” and wrote margin-top: 50px; just to test it out but it´s gone!

So… what is this?! Why is it gone? How can I align this button that is not inserted by an “img src” code but rather thru a script?

Thanks in advance for future replies :-)