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Greetings Paul,

I think my previous example explained it perfectly….

Perfectly described colour is of little value to a blind man. The blind man will never grasp the concept no matter how perfect the presenter believes he explained it because the presenter has experienced colour. You are well versed in CSS and the nomenclature thereof, whereas I am very new to it all.

This did help:

<div class="el">
Nice to meet you


<div class="el">
Hello Nice to meet you

Here is an image of what I have in mind. The right border and right :after border on the <div id="main"> should be under the right column background image. As the page grows longer the right column background will remain at the top and the lines under it will grow but everything will maintain the gradient effect. The look is a better one as apposed to solid lines which break the flow of the page from a design perspective. I left the :after border in red to show the “cutoff” of where it would start going under the right column background.

Best Regards.