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If you’re working with other people, there’s definitely a chance that you can have too many commits that make the history difficult to read. For example:

* Fix typo 'Dorp' to 'Drop'
* Fix typo 'fucntion' to 'function'
* Update marketing copy 'buy now' to 'install now'
* Update marketing copy to 'Now only $59!' to 'Now only $49!'
* Fix typo 'featrues' to 'features'

Now let’s say all of those commits happening on a single page, say, marketing.html. I would much rather see this after you push:

* Update marketing copy and fix typos

Locally, you can have as many commits as you want, but it’s much better when working in teams to figure out a great way to squash related commits together. git rebase is super powerful, though can be really intimidating at first: