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Top Menu : Animation doesn’t feel “snappy” to me. Feels kind of lazy, for lack of better word… and it animated weird as well… it reveals content behind instead of sliding the content down… not sure if that’s the effect you were going for. Also the hamburger icon menu is great minimalist idea but from the UX perspective writing out “menu” or “navigation” would prove to be beneficial as people can easy associate with the words and not icons. Hamburger menu might be something we are familiar with but could be little confusing for potential customers.

Above The Fold : Not sure if that image serves any purpose. It takes such big part of real estate and on top of that you don’t have something to grab viewers attention and lead the way, instead you display logo that potential customer can give two shits about.

Typography : Needs work, add some emphasis, experiment with type… don’t just settle for 3 column grid… and get to the point, many (if not all) users skim them page looking for key words to grab their attention, you need to optimize for that right from the get-go. You need to communicate you value prepositon. Saying things like

I truly have a fully loaded skill-set. I make beautiful things work beautifully.

Doesn’t really mean anything to your potential customer.

“truly have a fully loaded skill-set” – well I hope so you’re the pro, should be given

“make beautiful things work beautifully” – well of course who doesn’t make things beautiful and working…

as you can see this doesn’t actually communicate anything…

Approach it from the perspective of: How can I serve you? What problems do you need solving? How can I make your life better with super awesome website build.

Writing better = Writing less

You should focus your attention to 4 P’s…

  • Promise, what are you offering (value preposition).
  • Picture, detailed description of what’s offered.
  • Proof, supportive evidence/reassurance.
  • Push, path to conversion.

Everything else is fluff.

Overall : It’s very boring as it is now. But it’s def heading in the right direction. I’m not sure what purpose gun/airplane serve other than to show off your skills, but IMO that would be better served as separate page/section for someone to explore. Not sure of UX of that airplane, but it is pretty cool.

Hope that helps.