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I’d start by picking a really fundamental side of the coin: do you want to be a front-end developer or a back-end developer? While both sides share some common skills, they are at the heart of themselves different. I, for example, am a front-end developer. My skills focus primarily on HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It is my job to master those three technologies. I’m also comfortable with PHP (one of those ‘both sides’ technologies) and have dabbled with SQL and Ruby.

Looking at job postings, it feels like the past 11 years of my career has been for nothing and I’m feeling vastly under-qualified since I didn’t focus early on.

If you’re looking at job postings that require a degree then the company doesn’t know any better. The majority of employees at my office do not have a related degree.

I try and make myself at least aware of all languages, frameworks, tools and such but learning them all seems like it would be impossible. (Yet required on many job postings…)

Like @traq said, being aware is good but trying to master them all is futile. Pick the tools that surround the job you want to have. Master* those.

*Mastery of a language really isn’t actually attainable. Languages evolve, new technology is released. You can never be “done” learning a language. That’s what I love about our industry.