:focus-visible in WebKit

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This is a nice update from Manuel Rego Casasnovas. Igalia has this idea to sort of crowd-source important web platform features that need to get worked on (that’s the sort of work they do). They call it Open Prioritization. The “winner” of that (the one with the most-pledged dollars) is what they’ll do. That turned out to be :focus-visible support in WebKit (Safari). As I write, people have pledged $29,337.13 of the $35,000 goal, so not bad!

That choice was made in January 2021, and as Manuel was writing in June 2021, it’s basically done because it shipped in Safari Technical Preview 125 meaning it’s in Apple’s hands now. Pretty nice speed for a web feature, and a great one since it will highly encourage proper focus styles rather than that bummer situation where people remove focus styles for aesthetic reasons, hurting accessibility.

And, bonus!

In addition, the WPT test suite has been improved counting now ~40 tests for this feature. Also in January neither Firefox or Chrome were using :focus-visible on the UA style sheet, however they both use it there nowadays. Thus, doing the implementation on WebKit has helped to move forward this feature on different places.

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