Firefox Developer Edition

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  • For a normal front end dev like me, Valence is the most interesting feature. It’s like how you can inspect iOS simulator through Safari, only it looks like you can do more with it, like inspect Chrome (weird), a Firefox OS app, or any other remote runtime.
  • There isn’t too much else brand new and exciting that we haven’t seen before from the Firefox Dev Tools. This seems just like a nice first step. A big public statement like: We care about developer tools, we’re committed to them, and this is where we’re going to do it.
  • Firefox Hello is baked in, which is a WebRTC video/audio chat client. I’m excited about WebRTC as a technology. It will mean anyone can leverage it to become an interesting middleman. Wanna build a sweet communication app? Now the challenge is features, design, and community, not so much the tech. I’m not sure about Mozilla as a middleman – their last WebRTC thing, TogetherJS, was kinda abruptly abandoned.

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