CSS-Tricks Example

Play Music through the Grooveshark Streaming API

Resources: jQuery, SWFObject, Grooveshark Streaming API, Tinysong API

Pre-determined song(s)

As in, you already have the song ID's

Play // A.A. Bondy - Oh The Vampyre

Play // MMW - Whatever Happened to Gus?

Play // William Elliot Whitmore - Our Paths Will Cross Again

Play // Bright Eyes - Devil Town

Play // Bob Dylan - A Fool Such As I

Pause Resume

Get Song ID

In order to play a song through the Grooveshark Player, you need a song ID. To find song ID's, you need to use the TinySong API.

Combining the Two

With a tiny bit of imagination you can see how you can combine these two APIs to create a search-and-play system. I'm going to leave that out this tutorial as that would require having a songGetter.php that is wide open on the internet. If you wanted this functionality in your app, you'd probably have it behind some internal authentication.