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Find out just how safe your home is, or isn’t, from pests and termites with a free online Home Assessment. You’ll get a Risk Score and helpful tips on keeping pests away. And if you’ve ever wondered how they get in your home in the first place, and how they stay hidden once inside, find out at HomeXposed.
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We’re the pros, we know what we’re talking about. If you’re a homeowner you can’t afford not to attend one of our informative seminars. We bring in all sorts of critters to look at, if you ask nicely we might let you hold Even, our rat mascot.

Carpenter Ant Damage Assessment Seminar (Part 1)
Wednesday April 15 2008, Cleveland OH
Spraying Pesticides on a Tree, why the Government Won’t Let Us.
Wednesday April 18 2008, Phoenix AZ
Carpenter Ant Damage Assessment Seminar (Part 2)
Wednesday April 28 2008, Cleveland OH

Pests to be on the lookout for.


Rats and Mice

Very common everywhere in the world, Rats and mice can eat you out of house and home.


Ants tend to be small, but not so small that you can’t see them. If you see an ant call us immediately.


If there was a nuclear war the only thing left on earth afterward would be cockroaches and Cher.

Common Tree Sloth

They look harmless, but wait till one of these mothers falls out of a tree and lands on your house or car.

Or we’ll kill this cockroach!
Just kidding, we were going to kill the cockroach anyway. That’s what service means to us, killing everything that breaths (except for you and your pets of course). If you find anything alive within 30 days of our visit we’ll come back and give it another shot. Sooner or later we’re going to get it right.

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