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Every Layout is a new work-in-progress website and book by Heydon Pickering and Andy Bell that explains how to make common layout patterns with CSS. They describe a lot of the issues when it comes to the design of these layouts, such as responsive problems and making sure we all write maintainable code, and then they’ve provided a handy generator at the end of each article to create our own little frameworks for dealing with these things.

They also have a complementary blog and one of the posts called “Algorithmic Design” caught my eye:

We make many of our biggest mistakes as visual designers for the web by insisting on hard coding designs. We break browsers’ layout algorithms by applying fixed positions and dimensions to our content.

Instead, we should be deferential to the underlying algorithms that power CSS, and we should think in terms of algorithms as we extrapolate layouts based on these foundations. We need to be leveraging selector logic, harnessing flow and wrapping behavior, and using calculations to adapt layout to context.

The tools for flexible, robust, and efficient web layout are there. We are just too busy churning out CSS to use them.

I’m looking forward to seeing where this project goes and how many more layouts these two end up documenting.

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