ECMAScript proposal: JSON modules

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Chris Coyier on

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer looks at JSON modules, which is already live in Chrome 91 (but nothing else). It looks just like an ES Modules-style import, only you asset the type at the end.

import configData from './config-data.json' assert {type: 'json'};

How nice is that? Once this makes its way across browsers, we’ve gone on a journey from “you’ll almost definitely want to use an Ajax library” because of the cross-browser complexity and weirdness of XMLHttpRequest to the much nicer (but you still gotta write some code) fetch API, to a one-liner (if what you need is JSON data).

Snagging some JSON data seems like it should be as easy as a one-liner to me, and now it is. I like how the URL can be dynamic now too.