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Seamless Responsive Photo Grid
Create a grid of photos and display them edge-to-edge on the browser window with no gaps.
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HTML Email Template
Nothing too fancy here, but a real solid foundation on an HTML email template that will work and look good in all email clients. Tables and inline styling, just the way email likes it!
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Responsive Data Tables
Using "responsive design" principles to detect if the screen is smaller than the maximum squishitude of our table. If it is, we're going to reformat the table.
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Editable Invoice
Just click to edit any of the information. Math is done automatically. Print out the result, or print to PDF for mailing.
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Fixed Sidebar with Navigation. Some CSS3 fun. jQuery AJAX for changing pages, with permalinks via hash tag.
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Typographic Grid
The type on the page follows a "vertical rhythm" in that the baseline stays in exact increments down the page even when other typographic thing change. Click to toggle both horizontal and vertical grids.
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Drawing Table
Cool thingy to use your mouse cursor to draw on a grid with different colors.
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Layout Packs
Several common fluid-width layout frameworks.

Demos: Fixed, Fluid / Fixed, Fluid, Fixed / Fluid, Fixed / Half and Half

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Modal Log in Page
A completely distraction-free log in page. These are becoming more and more popular with web applications which require you to log in before you can do very much. The log in page can be a great place to have fun with design and do something unique.
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Creating a Body Border
Creating a border to go around an entire browser window.

Demos: 4 Divs Technique / Psuedo Elements Technique / body border

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Fade-in Gradient Body Border
Darken the edges of your site with this "body border" technique. Makes use of alpha-transparent PNG's which "fade in" from the edges of the browser window. jQuery provides the engine to optionally have the gradients fade in and out.
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WordPress Theme: WPTypo
100% typographic theme, no images used.
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Thumbnail for Perfect Full Page Background Image demo
Perfect Full Page Background Image
Create a background image on a website that covers the entire browser window at all times.

Demos: Progressive CSS3 Way / CSS-Only Technique #1 / CSS-Only Technique #2 / jQuery Method

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One Page Resume
Very simple, very readable, clean resume site. Appropriate markup, microformats, and prints cleanly (could even print to PDF for emailing purposes).
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