Design v8

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Chris Coyier on

I had some extra time over Thanksgiving so I decided to spend it doing some recreational designing of this site. Here’s a few quick notes (I need to get back to content!):

  • Colorful! I think bold colors are fun and brighten up the attitude around here
  • Fonts are Tandelle and Myriad Pro (which I think works great as body type and header type)
  • There are all kinds of CSS tricks – perfect site to go a little overboard with that
  • The code highlighting is as close to TextMate’s Twilight theme as I could get with Prettify code highlighter.
  • The site works best at above 1200px resolution monitors. Even the new little 11″ MacBook Air has 1300-some pixels. However, around 6% of this sites visitors are stuck at 1024px, so there are some media queries to help with that a bit

I quite like it overall. I’d really appreciate any reports of layout issues in specific browsers, I’m sure there is some cleanup to do there. Any feedback at all is welcome, let’s just keep it constructive.