Design Refresh (Version 5)

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The new design has been rolled out. Nothing to shockingly different I hope, just a refresher. It’s kind of hard to say, but I think this is the 5th significant iteration of the design at this point. The lines are fuzzy since the design evolves in between those iterations quite a bit. One of these days I’ll have to do a post showing snaps of all these old Photoshop files of old design ideas. Holy cow there is some awful design work in there.


The biggest reason is that I really wanted to do this Snippets idea. I had it all built and ready to go but no good way to integrate it into the old design. I thought it deserved it’s own main tab, so I started there.

The other main target was the sidebar. The old sidebar had a featured ad on top, ten 125×125 ads, and another featured ad below that. 12 ads, and that took up and enormous amount of space. There are still ads, there will probably always be ads, but they have been rejiggered a little bit to still be good for the advertisers but take up less space for the other more content-oriented sidebar stuff.

Search has also moved into the header. That freed up some sidebar room as well and search still retains a prominent spot. There is quite a bit of content on this site now, so the search targeting gets more and more useful every day.

New Stuff

Other than the design itself, there

  • Snippets area
  • Posts now have “theoretically related posts”. I hope this is useful to folks looking to read more about topics when they are finished with an article. I hear it’s great for pageviews too so what the hey.
  • Sidebar has new content, like a Blog Roll of some of my other blogs Digging Into WordPress, Quotes on Design, and Script and Style.


  • I need to create a better contact, about, and advertising pages and make those easier to find.
  • I’d like to work on improving the typography in the articles. Just to liven things up. For example, the little star graphics for these unordered lists really have to go.
  • Try out some new-fangled font technologies in production. I might try TypeKit, but I think it might just at that range where the bandwidth would be too high for the reasonably-priced plan.

For Posterity



Regular programming will return later this week. Even a screencast I hope. Might be a quicky, but I have a great three-part series coming up!