Demystifying styled-components

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 Joshua Comeau digs into how styled-components works by re-building the basics. A fun and useful journey.

styled-components seems like the biggest player in the CSS-in-React market. Despite being in that world, I haven’t yet been fully compelled by it. I’m a big fan of the basics: scoped styles by way of unique class names. I also like that it works with hot module reloading as it all happens in JavaScript. But I get those through css-modules, and I like the file-separation and Sass support I get through css-modules. There are a few things I’m starting to come around on though (a little):

  • Even with css-modules, you still have to think of names. Even if it’s just like .root or whatever. With styled-components you attach the styles right to the component and don’t really name anything.
  • With css-modules, you’re applying the styles directly to an HTML element only. With styled-components you can apply the styles to custom components and it will slap the styles on by way of spreading props later.
  • Because the styles are literally in the JavaScript files, you get JavaScript stuff you can use—ternaries, prop access, fancy math, etc.

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