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A CSS methodology from Andy Bell:

The most important part of this methodology is the language itself: CSS. It’s key to note its existence in the name because some alternative approaches, such as BEM—which I have enjoyed for many years—can veer very far away from Cascading Style Sheets. I love CSS, though and think that its core capabilities are actually key to scalable CSS.

A favorite bit…

[…] a design system doesn’t just make you think at a micro-level, but also at a macro-level, because you have to make not just decisions about pixels, but also high-level organisation decisions which the design system helps to solve. Design system work is actually diplomacy work, a lot of the time.

This is often where I see narrow, component-only tunnel vision fall short and really, these approaches are less design systems, but more component libraries that solve a much narrower cohort of problems.

I like the idea of approaching CSS both from an inside-out philosophy — focusing on styling very small specific things then grouping them together to grow bigger thing — and from an outside-in philosophy — not forgetting that components need to be composed together sensibly.

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