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My name appears in an article from Bert Bos (co-author of the original CSS spec), so I’ll consider that a life accomplishment. Bert makes the point that CSS has evolved and the working group versions things, but the working group hasn’t been and doesn’t really plan to be involved in these big named banner releases like CSS3 was. He thinks this can be something the community just rallies up:

Every three years of so, some people should pick a couple of interesting new modules that were added in that period and start writing about them, under the heading ‘CSS 4’, then ‘CSS 5’, etc. ‘CSS X’ is defined as those two or so modules, plus whatever was in the previous version and a loosely defined set of other modules.

I dig that. Maybe the new community group will nail it. Someone has gotta just grab the bull the horns and declare it and see if it sticks. Then let’s do it again in a few years.

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