CSS-Tricks GitHub Organization

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Chris Coyier on

There is now an “organization” on GitHub for CSS-Tricks. This is a great feature of GitHub and a perfect fit for us.

Why this is good

  • There is a larger core group of people that can work on any CSS-Tricks related demo.
  • It is easier to find CSS-Tricks demos in one consolidated place on GitHub.
  • Any admin can give new people who have interest in contributing to a particular demo access to do that.

What we could use

  • Let us know if you see a demo that doesn’t have a GitHub repo but you think should.
  • Let us know about 404’s if you see a link to a repo that has been moved and we forgot to change link.
  • Let us know if you have interest in contributing to any particular demo. Best bet = submit pull request for a change. If it’s awesome, we’ll just give you direct access.

Special thanks to Mottie for heading this up.