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Ya know, I used to do one of these posts after making a few podcast appearances I hadn’t had a chance to link up yet, so I could share them. As fate would have it, I haven’t been on many podcasts (other than my own) lately. One exception! I was on Episode 33 of That Tech Show a few months back where I got to chat with Chris Addams and Samuel Gregory. We got into all kinds of stuff, including me sounding off on whether or not CSS is relevant anymore (c’mon!).


The vast majority of my time, as ever, is dedicated to CodePen. We’re in one of those long tunnels exploring and building the future of CodePen, which has been very satisfying so far. For a long time, we’ve felt pulled in too many different directions to make serious progress on anything next-gen, but have gotten past that and found focus. But that also means we aren’t doing that many public releases and, thus, can’t talk about them on CodePen Radio like we normally do.

So instead, I’ve been using new episodes to talk to awesome people from the CodePen community I’ve always wanted to, like:

And many more on the way!

We’ve been running CodePen Challenges consistently as well, and I happen to know November 2021 was the highest participation month ever, so those have been doing a good job of stirring up ideas in people’s heads.


We’re perilously close to episode 500 at ShopTalk and should hit that mark early next year. We’ve been like clockwork this year, publishing a new audio podcast every single week. Some recent favorites:

The biggest thing we’ve done in recent history at ShopTalk Show is launched new Video episodes. Their home is here. Some recent favorites:

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We’ve had this microsite, The Power of Serverless for Front-End Developers, for a while now. I originally wrote it in Gatsby but now have rewritten it in Astro kinda just for kicks—mostly to re-acquaint myself with the site, kick Astro’s tires, and kinda clean house. I find the re-written site much easier to understand.

What I’ve ripped out for now is NetlifyCMS. Not because I didn’t like it, but because I just didn’t have time to get it re-configured. If you’d like to contribute to it, the repo is here. If it’s content in the form of adding a service to one of the categories, the whole site is built from Markdown files in folders. So you just chuck one of those in there as a Pull Request (along with a logo image) and that’s about it.

But wouldn’t it be neat to make Pull Requests right from a static form right on the site? I should try that.


The conferences microsite has a very sad three conferences on it as I write. I don’t think conferences have quite bounced back yet. I’d love to see ones that are happening added to the site. Pull Requests welcome, but also feel free to just email me or whatever. I don’t really have any quite lined up myself, although I’m slowly plucking at a new deck mostly as I’m starting to feel nostalgic for the days of conferences.