CSS-Tricks Chronicle XXXIX

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Hey gang! I’ve been fortunate enough to be a guest in a variety of different here, so I thought it was time for another Chronicle post. You know, those special posts where I round up the random goings-on of things I do off of this site.

I joined Ed & Tom over on A Question of Code.

We cover a lot of ground in this show. Why does having a personal site gives you a massive advantage? (Having your own website puts you ahead of a surprising number of people; it should be table-stakes, but it’s not!) And what does job hunting (and running a job board) look like in the time of COVID? What will working remotely mean for junior devs in the near future?

That reminds me: I gotta update my personal site with these interviews.

Drew and I chatted about Serverless over on the Smashing Podcast.

We’re talking about Serverless architectures. What does that mean, and how does it differ from how we might build sites currently?

Ya know, we have that site all about serverless, and we’ve had a good stream of pull requests on it so it stays decently up to date. This stuff only gets more interesting over time. The technology gets better and cheaper and it really can’t be ignored anymore.

Bob and Mendel had me on Do the Woo.

WooCommerce also drifted in and out of Chris’s web life, and recently he took it a bit deeper on his site CSS-Tricks. Although he isn’t deep into the WooCommerce community, he is a huge fan and we can gain useful insights and perspectives from his web experience.

Indeed, we do use WooCommerce around here — especially lately, what with the memberships and posters.

Gerry and I talked about the not-so-great direction that the web and technology is headed in many respects over on the Human-Centered Design podcast.

Gerry is a fascinating guy who does a ton of interesting work that always centers around the biggest and more important ideas out there. One of his recent projects is World Wide Waste and we get into that with him over on ShopTalk as well.

Here’s me as a guest at the Front-end Development South Africa online meetup:

Chris had me on the Self-Made Web Designer podcast (hey, I guess that’s what I am).

The front-end development field is constantly changing and advancing in your career is becoming more and more difficult.

For one, the sheer amount of people in the industry has gone up drastically. Not to mention, what it actually means to be a front-end developer worthy of a tech job is getting more and more complicated.

So the question becomes, “How do you establish yourself as a fron-tend web developer? Then, “How do you grow in your career?”