CSS-Tricks Chronicle XXXI

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All the latest happenings! As I like to do, I round up a bunch of things that have happened in the past few months around here on this site, over at CodePen and ShopTalk, and other sites where I got to be a guest or was involved somehow. There has been some big releases, some redesigns, and a bunch of guest podcasts.

I got to be a guest on Relative Paths with Mark Phoenix and Ben Hutchings. It was episode 47 and the topic was dogmatism, a topic I weighed in on earlier with my post My Increasing Wariness of Dogmatism.

The biggest release ever on CodePen is CodePen Projects. It hasn’t even been out three months yet! As opposed to Pens on CodePen, Projects gives you an editor that is more of a full-on IDE with your own file system.

I was a guest on Eric Siu’s podcast Growth Everywhere, Episode 196 where we talk numbers and growth stuff. (Fair warning on the link: it’s pretty pop-up heavy.)

I also had a lot of fun on the Email Design Podcast, Episode 60, where I got to chat with Kevin Mandeville and Jason Rodriguez specifically about email stuff. That’s not something I get to talk about much, but I actually find myself doing quite a bit lately with email, and it’s a very weird world that somehow feels completely different than “normal” front-end development.

I have moved back home to Milwaukee, after spending the last 7 months in Miami. Bittersweet! Farewell, friends old and new in Miami. Hello, friends old and new in Milwaukee.

We’re less than a month away from the 10 year anniversary of CSS-Tricks! We’ll definitely do something. No rooftop party or anything, but definitely come see what we got on July 4th.

I redesigned my personal site. It’s nothing special to look at, but I think it’s going to serve my needs very well. The new site needed to clearly show: this is who I am, this is what I do, this is where I exist other places on the web, and most importantly, these are the things I want you to do.

The most fun little bit is the radio buttons by the bio area, which allow you to customize the length, first person or third, and what format it’s in.

ShopTalk also has a brand new website. Also designed and implemented by me, so, brace yourselves for utilitarian. This one was driven by backend data. I think I’ll write about that soon.

We recently did a podcast called On Podcasting where I got to chat with Chris Enns about podcasting equipment. I figured it was about time to get some advice and update my gear. I bet if you factor in all the ShopTalk, CodePen Radio, guest appearances, and videos I’ve recorded, I’m around 1,000 episodes of stuff. Probably about time I have some decent gear. I pulled the trigger on the major upgrade. I’ll have to post about that soon as well.

My public speaking schedule for the rest of the year is: