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You can now use Markdown anywhere you would write something on CSS-Tricks, namely the comments section here on the blog or when creating or replying to threads in the Forums. I like it. I think it makes writing comments much quicker and flow nicer, rather than being interrupted to go back and add actual HTML anchor tags when making a link (which often leads to just pasted URLs) or for making lists (which almost nobody ever does, they just write the bullets or numbers right in the text).

I’ve now published up to video #75 in The Lodge. That’s about half way done. I said it would take me a month to get them all done and it looks like that will be just about accurate. It takes a while because I don’t just upload the video and be done with it, I also write up notes that go along with each video that include further thoughts and relevant links.

Speaking of Lodge videos, I’m enjoying the comment threads happening on those videos. Comment threads here on the blog are pretty good too in general, but the slower pace and more thoughtful (some long-form) comments happening in Lodge videos are fantastic.

Also speaking of comments, you can now leave Pens from CodePen in comment threads for blog posts on this site. See the comment thread on this post. It doesn’t work on just any site’s comment threads because it requires a <script> to work which usually (rightly) gets stripped from user generated content, but I load that script on this site.

I’d really like to get Pens working in forum threads. It should be easy, the problem is that Markdown in the forums is stripping the data-* attributes off the <pre> tags in the copy-and-paste code we give you from CodePen, which are required for it to work. Not sure why this happens in the forums but not on the blog. If anyone has any ideas, there is an open forum thread.

I take off this Saturday for Dallas, Texas and BD Conf where I’ll be giving a brand new talk and workshop. I don’t usually get super nervous for talks unless it’s brand new material for a discerning audience, and, yep. I’m just going to have to practice more.

After I get back from that I’m only home a few days before I’m headed to Tallahasse, Florida for Converge FL. I’ll be giving a talk there as well as doing some eye tracking studies for this website with a real eye tracking machine.